Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more things :\

Paypal is ruining my life. Luckily that's not literal-I don't have rent to pay or any expenses other than paying for gas (I'm 17-living at home) but it's really hurting my bank account. Up until a few months ago I never bought things online because I never had a debit card! Then I discovered that Paypal can tap into your bank account and take the money out-and tons of online stores use it. Ugh. On the plus side, I've gotten/will get some really cool stuff. Very pic heavy and some weird/huge ebay pics-sorry!

This dress is amazing. I'm usually very frugal but I'm paying around $60 for this-which is a lot for me!

I have a antique owl necklace from a vintage shop-this one will be a perfect mate to it!

So I ordered the Bona Drag leather motorcycle jacket, it came, and it was lovely but the leather was very thick and it made me look too bulky. It will look great on thinner girls but on me no way. I found this Victorias Secret one on ebay, looks awesome!

Someone hand-knit this on etsy, it's adorable! They call it The Park Bench Beanie-a fitting name!

So gorgeous, haven't ordered this yet but I think I may have to soon, someone else might snag it before me.

I haven't ordered this one yet either, it has great components-neon, leather, and studs! I'm just not sure if I'll wear it or just look at it.

Ah Steampunk, my new love. It's an antique spoon bent with a watch movement on top. Paid $25 for this which is a lot to me for a ring, but it's just so cool. I'm going to do a post soon about steampunk.

This one may turn out to be very uncomfortable but I'll wear it anyways.

From a punk rock seller on Etsy, I'm wearing this almost everyday.

All are from Ebay or Etsy-let me know if you want seller names. OK, next time I post, it will be an outfit post. First one!


  1. that first ring is so cool! i live in san antonio/austin too. let's exchange links!

  2. Oh god I have a love/hate relationship with online stores. It's just so easy to click and buy and the price is just a number! I love your purchases though, especially the dress. So lovely