Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nail polish

I've recently become infatuated with nail polish. I used to like nail polish and I wore it often and loved to buy pretty colors occasionally, but I never tried anything different or challenging. I want to try water marbling, gradient nails, konad stamping, and nail art. This can be a cheap hobby if you want it to! I only buy drugstore nail polish mainly but I'll buy others if they're on sale or really special. Old discontinued nail polish is so fun to hunt down! Here are some inspiration pics

Outfit Ideas!

I am just going to list my recent outfit ideas so I can have them all organized in one place.

-Cropped jeans, flats, striped top, cream blazer, flowy scarf.
-Band t-shirt with blazer over and skinny jeans.

Daily Outfit

I'm going to post my daily outfits (not every day but most days), just so I can have a log. If I feel I have nothing to wear one day I can look back and pick something from the archives! I took this one myself but I will start asking my sister to take them.