Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purchases Cont.

Okay here's the rest of the stuff I've ordered!

I've been looking for a nice black leather jacket for so long, I wanted 3/4 length sleeves, cropped, and zippers! I found this and fell in love, from (amazing site) for $95!!!! Sweet deal for real leather.

These were $6 a :) love

My friend has these in black and I adored them, she let me borrow them once and I didn't give them back for weeks, she literally had to drive to my house and make me give them to her haha I suck. She said she got them at Buffalo Exchange but as I was browsing I found these!!! For only $17.99! She has them in black so I got them in gray-we can share. I think I may get them in the brown or cognac as well, which color do you think?

more studs :\ I hope I don't get over this trend anytime soon! From Etsy-handmade by ShopDeviant

Haven't ordered these yet but I want them...

Pretty cute, I love nude!

Beautiful! From, $19.99

From also, paid $54.99 for it :\ pricey (for me) but it's gorgeous-hopefully it's as gorgeous in real life.
More later


  1. I like all this stuff but the UrbanOG shoes look pretty goofy to me!

  2. Great jacket! It looks awesome on you. Your blog is very cool too :)