Thursday, October 30, 2008

my favorite outfits

I thought since I still haven't found an adequate tripod for my camera yet, I'd post some of my favorite outfits! Enjoy :)

I love the fur scarf, I got one very similar to this the other day at Buffalo Exchange but it's a darker faux mink fur. I also like the leather/leatherish leggings, I know alot of people think these are kind of trashy but I think they're cool! I need to get some!

I adore the purple sheeny skirt, and of course the Chanel pouch bag!

This is really similar to the first outfit I posted, but this is a vest instead. I like the idea of a (faux!) vest alot more than a fur coat, because coats always look really bulky to me, but the vest balances the outfit out more.

I like everything about this outfit except the white RayBan Wayfarers. I love the RayBans but hate white sunglasses. I don't like white cars either...I just think it looks so cheap up next to the black tires and glass. Same with the sunglasses I guess, too contrasty!

This is adorable! It looks sooo cozy. I have a sweater like this but it's thinner. I wonder if she tied that bow on herself? I love it! I'm definitely gonna try and recreate this look.

This look reminds me alot of Anna Sui, except Anna Sui probably would have patterned tights as well! I love this look, who doesn't?!

This is awesome, I love the leggings but wish the zippers were on the side like the American Apparel ones (below) I'm lusting after! I will get them soon for sure.

I love how short the dress is, and how tall the boots are. I also really like how her socks are peeking up out of her boots, I need to try this!
Thanks for looking!


  1. The pic with the white RayBans looks like Chloe Sevigny.
    Just found your blog. Beautiful snaps!
    hello from upstate NY.

  2. Thank you! You're right, she does in that picture! In her other pics she doesn't as much, she's very pretty though, I think she's from Spain!