Monday, October 27, 2008

gossip girl

Gahh I'm so glad I found this website now, otherwise I'd be pausing my DVR for minutes at a time while I stared in awe at these amazing outfits on Gossip Girl! Taylor Momsen amazes me. Well maybe not her but her character, Jenny Humphrey's outfits are stunning! I'm not loving her new haircut...

...but her style is getting more and more ambitious as her designing career takes off. I especially love her friend, Agnes', played by Willa Howard (who was Marissa Cooper's little sister in The O.C.) outfits. True, the slip with a bra hanging out is not the most ready-to-wear outfit, but I adore it nonetheless. I have all my basic colors of tights from last year, black, red, dark purple, brown, black ribbed, and a cable knit, but I need to go out and get me some lacy ones! I also really like these Chanel inspired tights from Urban Outfitters

They're only $14!!!! Here are the Chanel ones, so great, although I don't know who in their right mind would spend $350 and up on tights. Ugh.

Here are some other photos of Jenny Humphrey's outfits!

More on Gossip Girl fashion later, I have tons of pictures! Bye! Amanda.


  1. I liked her old hair done in waves. And tights are my biggest thing right now...I really want some lace flowered ones and i have been lusting for those fall prada dresses. Jenny is..whatever. Chanel is *swoon*

  2. jenny is amazing!!!!! i love her new hair and her style!!!

  3. I love tights so much, wear them everyday. I must have 1000 pairs of them, and love seeing them on gossip girl.

  4. i love her new haircut! (: what's wrong with it??? :D
    her new look is better than the originalll.