Thursday, November 25, 2010


I haven't posted in almost a year! I just haven't been able to get into blogging regularly but I really really want to try now.

In my last post I mentioned that I was enrolled in Stephen F. Austin State University but wanted to transfer to UT Austin and I needed straight A's. Well I got in!!! I am almost finished with my first semester now, and it's so different. It's great to be back in my hometown and around old friends and family and familiar places. However Austin is so big and diverse that I can experience new things any time I want.

For example, the past 2 weekends I attended the E.A.S.T. Austin Studio Tour, which opens up hundreds of artists studios and workshops for the public to walk through. I was imagining pristine white walled wood floored galleries with paintings hung up and people walking through silently, but it was the complete opposite! I never ever go down to East Austin, because it used to be really trashy and crime-ridden, but it was really transformed into a unique artists neighborhood, with some Mexican influence still lingering around.

All the artists showing their studios were so kind and being able to see where they work was so inspiring. I saw studios and workshops of woodwork, pottery, painting, photography, metal work, collages, screen printing, and even bamboo art. They've been doing this tour for 7 years and I'm so sad I just learned about it, but I will attend every year from now on! Another awesome bonus, most studios provided free beer, wine, and food! Amazing.

I took so many photos but I still had to share a bunch, and these are just from my point and shoot camera, the first weekend I went to the tour I used the SLR, so I've got to share those soon!

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